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May 15 -18, 2017
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SAHID RAYA HOTEL Jl. Babarsari, Caturtunggal, Yogyakarta, 55281
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Welcome To JOGJA TRAVEL MART 2017 

 About Us

Dear Partners,
Now in its 8th year, JTM has confirmed itself as the one and only B2B networking meeting of the international travel industry in Yogyakarta region
Jogja Travel Mart is a high-calibre forum at which Jogjakarta city and around providers can meet key buyers from the international travel industry. Providers and buyers specifically selected for the JTM, combined with highly professional organization, make the JTM the top event of the travel year – a season opener and a key event in its own right.
This highly efficient platform for buying and selling also presents the latest news and trends in Jogjakarta incoming tourism industry to selected local, national and international journalists, whose reports then generate additional impetus in the Jogja and around travel market.

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The committee responsible for selecting  Hosted Buyers participants for the JTM.
  • Step 1: Please full fill the form below and send back to : and only selected Hosted Buyers will be contacted by the Buyers Team.
  • Step 2: Once all the arrival and departure data has been registered,  the flight detail should be informed to including copy Visa and Passport as soon as possible.
  • Step 3: The details agenda, to facilitate the best possible preparation, will be informed for all participants at least one week before the JTM

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Every aspect of your participation in the JTM is organised for you
For Hosted buyers  programmes: post tour, trend shows, product presentations and panel discussions
Supporting programme for networking and renewing contacts
JTM online networking tool for perfect preparation: find out about your contacts and their product portfolios in advance, get in touch and arrange appointments.


  • Day 3 Hotel Ballroom – TABLE TOP
    Day 3  Hotel Ballroom – TABLE TOP
    08:00 - 21:00 Sahid Hotel Ballroom
    • JTM 2017 Opening Ceremony;
    • Business Matching Session 1  ( TABLE TOP );
    • Networking Lunch at Sahid Hotel;
    • Business Matching Session 2  ( TABLE TOP )

    Speakers: All Participants

  • Day 5 – For Buyers
    Day 5 – For Buyers
    08:00 - 21:00 Day 05
    • Buyers Transfer Out to Adisucipto Airport

    Speakers: Transportation Team


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On behalf of the Yogyakarta government, the Jogja Travel Mart ( JTM ) has been working internationally to promote Jogjakarta City as a travel destination for more than 10 years. It communicates the diverse appeal of the country to a worldwide market, thereby promoting a strong and attractive brand – 'Jogja Istimewa'. Jogja Travel Mart (JTM) is the one and the only Yogyakarta’s international travel mart led by the Yogyakarta Tourism Authority with collaborative efforts of Association of Indonesia’s Travel Agencies (ASITA) and Association of Indonesian Hotel & Restaurant (PHRI), connecting international buyers with Yogyakarta sellers of tourism products.
The JTM's business goals are to:
  • To experience an intense B2B program focused on Yogyakarta as an international travel destination
  • To learn more about new opportunities, new products and target markets
  • To create new alliances with people from around the world in a fun, dynamic and efficient environment
  • To take advantage of unique business opportunities
Hosted Buyers are carefully selected against specified criteria. We put a screening processes in place to ensure that only the most relevant buyers – both regionally and internationally – that have a history of active engagement in the business of developing, packaging, promoting, selling and operating packaged travel for Yogyakarta destination.
The hosted buyer criteria includes but is not limited to:
  • International Buyers: Foreign Tour Operators, Wholesalers, Travel Agents, Packagers, Event Management, DMCs which are nominated by the committee of JTM
  • Indonesian Buyers: Receptive/Inbound Tour Operators, Wholesalers, Travel Agents, Packagers, Event Management, DMCs which are nominated by the committee of JTM
  • Representatives of the company/ organization should be able to demonstrate that they are prepared to enter into contract with sellers, and be able to speak in English
  • Currently have or plan to sell for Yogyakarta as a single destination travel product or to be combined with other destinations
  • Commitment to create and sell Yogyakarta travel products which are immediately available in the appropriate market
Due to the space is limited, the priority will be given to 80 companies or organizations that offer Yogyakarta tourism products or Yogyakarta package components for sale to the international market. Sellers will be hand selected based on the quality of the product they offer, the quality of service they deliver and the business category they represent.
The seller criteria includes but is not limited to:  
  1. Have facilities and an administrative office in Yogyakarta or neighborhood cities, and must be registered as a member of ASITA (for travel agencies) and PHRI (for hotels & restaurants).
  1. Products must be saleable in the appropriate market and conforming with appropriate travel industry requirements.
  1. Representatives of the company or organizations should be able to demonstrate that they are prepared to enter into contract with Buyers, and speak in both English and Bahasa.
  1. Only sell Yogyakarta or inbound-combined packages or package components at the mart. Products must be immediately available, or available in time to meet the operational requirements of the buyers in attendance.
We cordially invite media outlets to be one of our exclusive partners for JTM 2017. For media outlets not directly connected to the tourism industry, this is grand opportunity to play a part in a new target market and help continue our goal of universal brand integration. Our main objective is to receive the exposure necessary, and to implement a marketing and communications campaign covering the entire media spectrum to meet the targeted objective.
  • Re-post of JTM press releases on your articles
  • Banner advertisement or blog badge hyperlinked to the JTM website
  • JTM listed in your event calendar with event description-if applicable
  • Two complimentary advertisements, if applicable a blog post and/or article feature of JTM– written by one of your editors
  • E-mail blasts to your subscribers that provide JTM updates, the raffle of the passes to reception events
  • Social media mentions

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