1. By accepting the JITM 2019 hosted buyer status, Fully/Hosted Buyers schedules are organized by JITM 2019 to maximize hosted buyers’ time at the travel mart; buyers are obliged to adhere to these arrangements. Deviation from these schedules is at the discretion of JITM 2019 Committee.
  2. All Fully/ Hosted buyers are required to attend for all the hosted buyers programme
  3. Participation in the programme is not transferable.
  4. Any offer concerning the Fully/ Hosted Buyer Programme does not include companions.
  5. Buyers’ participation in JITM 2019 will include their contact details being available to registered sellers, exhibitors, sponsors who will access this information through JITM 2019 secretariat.
  6. During the Table Top, Buyers will receive :
  • The “Attendance Form” to be completed with the stickers that will be issued by all the sellers they meet;
  • The “Appointments Form” to be completed with appointment made with those (sellers) chosen on site, during the Table Top 1 and Table Top 2. This form will enable Buyers to accept or refuse the sellers’ requests for appointments or to suggest alternative times. If several people from the same organization are taking part in JITM 2019 as Hosted Buyers, they must arrange their own appointments separately. Buyers unable to keep their appointment commitments must contact the seller concerned directly in order to fix the meeting at a more convenient time. Buyers in difficulty can ask the committee for advice.
  1. At the end of B2B Networking Meeting day, Buyers must submit their “ Attendance Form” and “Appointments Form”, complete with stickers received from sellers, to the committee at the travel mart.
  2. If the forms are not submitted to the committee at the travel mart, or if the number of compulsory meetings with sellers has not been respected, JITM 2019 reserves the right to apply the penalty specified in cases of “No Show”.

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