Terms and Conditions for Fully Hosted Buyers

Terms and Conditions for Fully Hosted Buyers who are booking their own flight

Once you receive a confirmation e-mail from JITM 2020 that you have been accepted onto the JITM 2020 Fully Hosted Buyer Program you may book your flights. JITM 2020 will refund the cost of your flight to the travel mart up to an agreed amount – see the reimbursement table. Book your flights as soon as possible.

JITM 2020 cannot be responsible for costs incurred if the following Terms & Conditions are not met by you:

Flight Schedule :

  1. If suitable flight times are not available, please find times as close as possible to those shown above and contact the JITM 2020 committee for authorization before booking your flight. The committee only needs to pre-authorize flights which do not meet the terms and conditions outlined.

Flight Prices :

  1. Flights will be reimbursed up to the maximum shown in the flight reimbursement table. Please check this before booking;
  2. JITM 2020 advises booking your flights as early as possible to ensure that they fall within the refund banding limits;
  3. Then committee will reimburse whichever is the lower – either the actual flight cost (including taxes) or the maximum shown for the relevant banding on the JITM 2020 reimbursement table;
  4. If you can only secure flights above the banding limit please contact JITM 2020 committee for authorization before booking your flights;
  5. If you cannot find your preferred departure airport within the reimbursement table, please contact the JITM 2020 hosted buyer team to agree the reimbursement amount before booking your flight;
  6. Baggage costs and early check-in fees: at hosted buyer’s expense.

Other Terms :

  • JITM 2020 cannot refund flight costs for buyers who cancel their participation;
  • Flights booked using frequent flyer, Air miles or vouchers cannot be refunded/ reimbursed;
  • Travel Insurance : All hosted buyers are responsible for their own travel insurance. Insurance costs will not be refunded by JITM 2020;
  • Currency : Refunds are made in Indonesian Rupiah. Flights booked in other currencies will be calculated using the prevailing exchange rates at the time of authorizing your refund;
  • Proof of Identity : You must come to the JITM 2020 reimbursement committee at the travel mart and provide: Passport, supporting travel documentation which must confirm the ticket price and your JITM 2020 confirmation-email of your Hosted Buyer Status.

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