Table Top Rules

  • We have facilitated the business networking sessions using a “Round Robin” system. We found this method of discussion is the fairest and most efficient way which provides equal opportunity for all delegates to participate, present, and learn businesses of each party through a face-to-face discussion.
  • The sellers will be provided a booth. The committees will provide number of tables and chairs according to the number of registered delegates and co-delegates.
  • The buyers will be paired randomly. However, some of buyers will not be paired according to the committee’s discretion.
  • The buyers will receive a card with number prior to the table-top event. This number is to indicate the first booth where they have to start at when the table top begins.
  • The face-to-face discussion of each round will be limited by certain amount of time, and the host will notify you the beginning and end of each round.
  • Buyers and Sellers can use the time for introduction and also to make initial connection and learn about both parties’ businesses.
  • The host will give you a notification to notify you that the discussion should end shortly. Having finished the discussion of each round, buyers have to move to another booth Buyers will be assisted by the ushers.
  • Buyers cannot go back to the booth which they have visited, neither skip the next booth or stay at the same booth. Buyers cannot either choose the table at their preference. Buyers are required to follow the sequence. Otherwise, it will disrupt the others’ sequence.
  • At the end of each round, buyers will receive a sticker from the sellers to be put on the form provided by the committee. This is aimed to guide the buyers about the sequence, to avoid the repeated discussions/ visits, and also to allow buyers knowing which booths they have visited, and which ones are not yet being visited.

Kami telah memfasilitasi sesi Business Networking menggunakan  sistem “Round Robin”.
Kami mendapati bahwa metode diskusi ini adalah yang paling fair dan efisien, yang mana memberikan kesempatan yang samabagi semua delegasi untuk bisa berpartisipasi, mempresentasikan, dan mengenal usaha masing-masing pihakmelalui diskusi tatap muka.

  • Sellers akan disediakan fasilitas booth (stand). Panitia hanya menyediakan meja dan kursi sesuai dengan jumlah delegasi dan pendamping delegasi yang telah terdaftar.
  • Buyers akan dipasangkan secara acak. Namun demikian, kemungkinan beberapa Buyers tidak akan dipasangkan sesuai dengan kebijaksanaan panitia.
  • Buyers akan menerima kartu dengan nomor sebelum acara Table Top  Nomor tersebut adalah untuk menunjukkan booth pertama kali di mana mereka harus mulai ketika Table Top dibuka .
  • Diskusi tatap muka dalam setiap sesi akan diberikan batasan waktu tertentu, dan pembawa acara akan memberitahukan tanda dimulai dan berakhirnya setiap putaran diskusi.
  • Buyers dan Sellers dapat menggunakan waktu untuk pengenalan dan juga untuk membangun hubungan awal serta belajar tentang bisnis kedua belah pihak .
  • Pembawa acara akan memberikan pemberitahuaan bahwa diskusi harus segera diakhiri.Setelah diskusi di setiap sesi selesai, Buyers harus pindah ke booth berikutnya yang sesuai urutan. Buyers akan dibantu oleh para ushers.
  • Buyers tidak diperbolehkan kembali ke booth yang telah mereka kunjungi, atau melewatkan booth berikutnya, ataupun tetap tinggal di booth yang sama. Buyers juga tidak dapat memilih booth berdasarkan keinginan mereka. Buyers diharuskan untuk mengikuti urutan yang ditetapkan. Jika tidak, maka akan mengganggu urutan yang lain .
  • Pada  setiap akhir sesi diskusi, Buyers akan menerima stiker dari Sellers untuk ditempelkan pada formulir yang disediakan panitia. Hal ini bertujuan untuk memandu Buyers tentang urutan yang harus diikuti, untuk menghindari pengulangan diskusi / kunjungan, dan juga untuk memungkinkan para Buyers mengetahui booth mana yang telah mereka kunjungi dan mana yang belum dikunjungi .

Space Available

Pasang Iklan Anda Di Sini

Harga Rp.500.000. Dipasang 1 Tahun Penuh. Call : 0811 2552 008.

Space Available

Pasang Iklan Anda Di Sini

Harga Rp.500.000. Dipasang 1 Tahun Penuh. Call : 0811 2552 008.


Application & Approval Process

Application & Approval Process :

  1. Completion of the application form does not automatically guarantee you a place on the hosted buyer programme;
  2. You will be notified if your application is successful;
  3. JITM 2020 committee reserves the right to decline your registration without reason;
  4. Committee’s decision is final;
  5. JITM 2020 committee will only accept one application per company. In the event of more than one application per company being received, only the first application will be accepted;
  6. All required sections of the application form must be fully completed. Failure to do so will result in the form not being processed;
  7. JITM 2020 will accept a maximum of one (1) participant per company. If the main buyer is agreed by committee to bring additional participant, then the second delegate will be hosted as the “hosted buyer” group. Both are obliged to honour appointments made at the B2B Networking Meeting session;
  8. Upon notification of inclusion in JITM 2020’s Hosted Buyer Programme, buyers will receive a user ID and password that will enable them to access the reserved area of the website www.jogjatravelmart.co.id, where they will have to complete their registration for the travel mart;
  9. Applicants not included in the Hosted Buyer Programme will have the opportunity to attend the show free of charge as visitors, and may benefit from favorable JITM 2020 rates for hotel bookings.

Terms and Conditions for Fully Hosted Buyers

Terms and Conditions for Fully Hosted Buyers who are booking their own flight

Once you receive a confirmation e-mail from JITM 2020 that you have been accepted onto the JITM 2020 Fully Hosted Buyer Program you may book your flights. JITM 2020 will refund the cost of your flight to the travel mart up to an agreed amount – see the reimbursement table. Book your flights as soon as possible.

JITM 2020 cannot be responsible for costs incurred if the following Terms & Conditions are not met by you:

Flight Schedule :

  1. If suitable flight times are not available, please find times as close as possible to those shown above and contact the JITM 2020 committee for authorization before booking your flight. The committee only needs to pre-authorize flights which do not meet the terms and conditions outlined.

Flight Prices :

  1. Flights will be reimbursed up to the maximum shown in the flight reimbursement table. Please check this before booking;
  2. JITM 2020 advises booking your flights as early as possible to ensure that they fall within the refund banding limits;
  3. Then committee will reimburse whichever is the lower – either the actual flight cost (including taxes) or the maximum shown for the relevant banding on the JITM 2020 reimbursement table;
  4. If you can only secure flights above the banding limit please contact JITM 2020 committee for authorization before booking your flights;
  5. If you cannot find your preferred departure airport within the reimbursement table, please contact the JITM 2020 hosted buyer team to agree the reimbursement amount before booking your flight;
  6. Baggage costs and early check-in fees: at hosted buyer’s expense.

Other Terms :

  • JITM 2020 cannot refund flight costs for buyers who cancel their participation;
  • Flights booked using frequent flyer, Air miles or vouchers cannot be refunded/ reimbursed;
  • Travel Insurance : All hosted buyers are responsible for their own travel insurance. Insurance costs will not be refunded by JITM 2020;
  • Currency : Refunds are made in Indonesian Rupiah. Flights booked in other currencies will be calculated using the prevailing exchange rates at the time of authorizing your refund;
  • Proof of Identity : You must come to the JITM 2020 reimbursement committee at the travel mart and provide: Passport, supporting travel documentation which must confirm the ticket price and your JITM 2020 confirmation-email of your Hosted Buyer Status.

Cancellations And “No Shows”

Cancellation penalties at the Buyers’ expense:

  1. Hosted Buyers can cancel their attendance (with good reason) with no penalty if they notify their cancellations in writing by fax or by email to buyer@jogjatravelmart.co.id before 14th of February 2020. Cancellations after 1st March 2020 will be subject to a penalty of USD 300. All cancellations must be received and acknowledged by the dates specified above.
  2. In case Fully Hosted Buyer’s flight ticket has been issued by committee, will incur a fee equal to the amount of the issued flight ticket.
    Such sums will be charged to the Buyer’s credit card, details of which were provided when the Buyer confirmed his/her participation in the event. The sum will be collected by the Organizing Secretariat.

“No Show” penalties at the Fully/ Hosted Buyers’ expense:

  1. Any fully/ hosted buyers who are unable to attend JITM and who fail to notify committee, will be obliged to pay a penalty of USD 300;
  2. The fully/ hosted buyers who are attending JITM but unable attend the whole schedule of hosted buyers programme or fail to complete the attendance & appointments forms requirement without notifying and approval from committee, will be obliged to pay a penalty of USD100;
  3. Such sums will be charged to the Buyer’s credit card or deducted from the cash deposit, details of which were provided when the Buyer confirmed his/her participation in the event. The sum will be collected by the JITM Secretariat;
  4. Within one month of the conclusion of the event, JITM’s Organizing Committee will send the corresponding invoice with details of the charges

General conditions All matters and questions not covered by these Terms and Conditions are subject to the decision of the committee. Foregoing Terms and Conditions may be amended or added by the committee at their discretion. The fully/ hosted buyer agrees to abide by any and all amendments and changes by the committee.


Air Tickets

  1. Your flight should arrive on Monday, March 30th 2020 before 16:00 and depart on Thursday, April 2nd 2020 (before regular check-out time is mostly preferred).
  2. If you book flights that fall outside your Hosted Buyer Program dates, you will be responsible for additional hotel accommodation, unless previously agreed by JITM 2020 Committee.
  3. Fully Hosted Buyers who purchase their own round-trip flight :
  • Flights will be reimbursed up to the maximum shown in the flight reimbursement table. Please check this before booking.
  • JITM 2020 only needs to pre-authorize flights which do not meet the terms and conditions for booking your own flight. Please note that flights should be booked to ensure that you attend full travel mart days. Hosted buyers should only book their own travel once they have received confirmation that they are accepted onto the Fully Hosted Buyer Program.
  • Reimbursements are only available to Fully Hosted Buyers who attend the travel mart as part of a Fully Hosted Buyer group that has been invited by an JITM 2020 intermediary.
  • Reimbursements will normally be made within 1 day prior to the buyer’s departure subject to receipt of the appropriate receipts and documentation, including the completed forms of Attendance Form & Appointments Form.
  • See the detailed conditions at “Terms and Conditions for Fully Hosted Buyers who are booking their own flight”

Documents for ticket reimbursement:

  1. A copy of the air ticket or e-ticket indicating the passenger’s travelling route to Jogjakarta, qualified tickets must show the travel dates during the period of March 30th – April 2nd, 2020;
  2. A copy of passport with the passenger’s signature as shown on the passport;
  3. An original receipt from the airlines or travel agencies. In the case that agents issue their own receipt, such documents must show the airfare amount.
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